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Privacy Rating: GOOD

While WINE is open-source and not much invading your personal info at all while using the program, on their website, they do use Google Analytic in order to get “better understanding our user base” . They also uses Cookies in order to preserve login information. This is reason why I didn’t give them an “GREAT” rating. But they did stated that they will not Disclose these information to other parties and Adverting so that good news.

WINE Privacy Policy: https://wiki.winehq.org/WineHQ_Wiki:Privacy_policy

For those who know much about Linux and such, you can skip this part and go straight to Project64 Article where I tell you how to Install Project64 and such.

Otherwise, welcome to 64Linux where I can tell you how to make Machinima just like SMG4 or other Machinimist like Real_SuperG64, Burgy, MarioMario54321 and such. But with an twist; I be teaching how to do Machinima on any Linux system. Now I want to stated that, while this might work on every Linux OS (such like Arch, Ubuntu, PopOS, etc.), I can’t promise it will be 100%. For the reminder of 64Linux, I will be using Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon (MATE also work as well).
(P.S: Linux Mint is Distro of Ubuntu which is Distro of Debian so if you using any Debian OS, this can also work. If you using out-of-date Linux, I suggest updating to newest one)

Now let get straight to the point. Linux is OS apart from Windows. Linux uses Executive files such as .Appimage and .flatpak (or .deb if you using any Debian Distro) while Windows use .exe as their Executive. This .exe is very common around the Internet but only Windows users can uses .exe files to executive the file so Linux can’t uses the .exe files. Lucky, since Linux is open-source, anyone (who can code) can look at Linux Source code and can create Application that can work under Linux and such. That where we encounter WINE (aka Wine Is Not a Emulator).
WINE allow you to download Windows .exe files when you are using any Linux Distro. While this isn’t as perfect, it can really help you out in long run. I recommended download WINE though the Terminal instead of Software Manager.

WINE will help you install Project64 since they only have .exe files currently. Without WINE, you can’t get Project64 which prevent you to use any of Mario 64 Green Screen that most Machinist using.

Download link: https://www.winehq.org/